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One hull or two?

Join SAIL staffers in a side-by-side comparison of a 33-foot catamaran and a 37-foot monohull.


Are apples better than oranges? Is Coke better than Pepsi? Any answer will depend on personal preferences. The same holds true in the catamaran-versus-monohull debate. Each has its pros and cons.

Generally speaking, a cruising catamaran has more interior volume and better offwind speed potential than a monohull of similar size. On the other hand, many cruising monohulls have superior upwind performance. Monohulls heel. Cats don’t—a selling point for many people. Many catamarans are shoal-water friendly, while most monohulls are constricted by deeper draft. A monohull will tell you through excessive heeling and weather helm that it’s overcanvased and will provide a sensation of acceleration, while some cats give this information only through the instruments.

Many cruising cats have a bridgedeck saloon that’s directly connected with the action in the cockpit; monohulls have accommodations inside the hull. The helm stations on some cats have visibility issues; most monohull helm stations have excellent visibility. Cats have wide, flat decks and seem to have unlimited deck space; by comparison, a monohull’s deck space is more limited.

To see how these differences played out in an actual cruising situation, we looked for a production monohull and a catamaran with similar volumes and similar prices the kind of boats many people buy for coastal cruising.

The 33-foot, 6-inch Gemini 105Mc catamaran and the 37 foot Beneteau 373 monohull met our criteria, so we set off for a few days of late-fall cruising on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay to compare the apple and the orange. We put both boats through the exact same situations. Here’s what we found








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